Bugsy Malone Cast

The main cast for bugsy malone is as follows:


  • Scott Baio as Bugsy Malone
  • Florrie Dugger as Blousey Brown: Dugger was originally cast in a minor role, but after the girl cast as Blousey grew taller than Baio, she was given the part.
  • Jodie Foster as Tallulah: Foster was already an established Hollywood actress, having previously had main roles in films such as Taxi Driver.
  • John Cassisi as Fat Sam
  • Martin Lev as Dandy Dan
  • Paul Murphy as Leroy Smith
  • Sheridan Earl Russell as Knuckles
  • 'Humpty' Earl Albossan as Fizzy
  • Paul Chirelstein as Captain Smolsky and also a Boxer

In addition performing in cameo roles were Dexter Fletcher (as Baby Face), Bonnie Langford (as Lena Marelli), Mark Curry (as the producer), Kathryn Apanowicz (as the assistant), Phil Daniels (as the waiter) and Jonathan Scott-Taylor.