Bugsy Malone Soundtrack

Polydor UK released the bugsy malone soundtrack on CD in March 1996. It has yet to be released in the US on CD but is available through various outlets as an import. It was released as an LP in 1976. Performers include Paul Williams, Archie Hahn, Julie Mc Wirder, and Liberty Williams. These are the artists who actually sing the songs for the movie. The track listing is as follows:

  1. Bugsy Malone - Paul Williams
  2. Fat Sam's Grand Slam - Paul Williams
  3. Tomorrow
  4. Bad Guys
  5. I'm Feeling Fine
  6. My Name Is Tallulah
  7. So You Wanna Be a Boxer?
  8. Ordinary Fool
  9. Down and Out
  10. You Give a Little Love - Paul Williams